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Vibrating Prostate Stimulation
Do's & Don'ts

1. Try to urinate and have a bowel movement before starting the prostate massage.

2. Clean the vibrating prostate massager tool with antibacterial soap or adult toy cleaner.   Even with waterproof vibrating porstate massagers DO NOT submerge for long periods of time and take care to  thoroughly dry after each use.  Covering the massager with a condom can cut down on clean up time.

3. Start your Vibrating Prostate massager off with new batteries.  Make sure you install them properly and contact is made with the battery connectors.  

4. Prostate massage can be done with a partner or by yourself. 

5. Start by lying on one side, keep your bottom leg straight and bring the knee of your upper leg to your stomach.  Apply a generous amount of anal lubrication to the anal area and the prostate massager.

6. Take deep breaths and relax.   Start slowly inserting a little bit at a time into the anus.  Insert the massager in an upward motion along the wall of the rectal lining that faces the front of the body.   Insert til the massager is resting against the round bulb area of  tissue this is the prostate.

7. Once you locate this area, apply a small amount of pressure with the massager.  Most prostate massagers are designed to work with the contractions of the anal pc-muscle.

8. You can rhythmically press on the prostate gland up until or during ejaculation.  It is even possible  to orgasm through prostate stimulation alone.

9.  Make sure to properly clean and store you Aneros Prostate Massager.  

10.  Prostate massage, done on a regular basis is thought to decrease the risk of prostate enlargement. 

Prostate Stimulators
Aneros Massagers
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Mens Pleasure Wand Charcoal ~ DJ0906-00
Mens Pleasure Wand Red ~ DJ0906-01
Get A Grip Prostate Massager Black ~ ENAQ20332

P3 Prostate Perineum Scrotum Black ~ ENZEAP14012
P3 Prostate Perineum Scrotum Purple ~ ENZEAP14322
Silicone P.E. Vibe Small Black ~ PD2702-23

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Black ~ PD2709-23
P.E 5 Function Vibe Black ~ PD2712-23
Jester Prostate Stimulator Vibe Purple ~ PD2738-12

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Purple ~ PD2741-12
Dynamic Duo Vibrating P ~ SE0304-20
Self Pleasing P 10 Function Vibe ~ SE0593-30

His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit ~ SE2089-05
Dr J EZ Reach Prostate Probe ~ SE5635-03
Dr Joel Angled Probe ~ SE5637-03

Dr Joel Prostate Massager ~ SE5642-03
Dr Joel Perineum Massager ~ SE5643-10
Dr Joel 5 Function Prostate Stimulator ~ SE5644-03

Dr Joel Power Probe Missle ~ SE5645-10
Dr Joel Power Probe Prostate ~ SE5645-20
Dr Joel Angled Prostate Massager ~ SE5646-03

Dr Joel Versatile Prostate Stimulator ~ SE5647-03

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