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Vibrating Butt Plugs
Do's & Don'ts

1. Start your Vibrating Butt Plug off with new batteries.  Make sure you install them properly and contact is made with the battery connectors. 

2. Make sure to wash the Vibrator Plug before and after every use.  Even with Waterproof Anal Plugs DO NOT submerge for long  periods of time and take care to  thoroughly dry after each use.

3. Unlike other parts of the body, the anus is not self  lubricating.  Especially with anal toys, lots of lubrication is essential.  For easy insertion, apply lubrication generously to both the anal area and the anal plug.  When selecting a lubricant consider a thicker water based gel.  Silicone lubricants can also be used but make sure to do a patch test on the toy first.

4. After applying lubrication, start  warming  the area with a gentle massage.  Try inserting a finger or two first.  Never push too hard or force the plug inside.  As you slowly push you will be able to feel the sphincter muscles close around the stem of the butt plug. 

5. Inserting the plug can provide additional stimulation with conventional vaginal penetration, oral sex or mutual masturbation.  The vibrating butt plug can also be used for relaxing the anal area for insertion of  larger items into the anus.

6. Butt plugs should NEVER be shared or inserted from the vagina to the anus or vice versa.  Clean Vibrating Anal  Plugs  with antibacterial soap or adult toy cleaner.  Rinse several times to remove all traces of soap.  Allow to  completely air dry after washing and store in a cool, dry place. You might want to consider using a condom to make clean-up easier and faster. 

7.  To  increase the life of all vibrating sex toys remove  the batteries prior to storage.   If you use your anal vibe for  more than a quarter of an hour at maximum speed  it may overheat and burn out.  If your plan is for marathon sex play consider having on hand more than one anal vibrator to extend the life of both. 

Small Butt Plugs
Medium Butt Plugs
Large Butt Plugs
Jelly Butt Plugs
Glass Butt Plugs
Metal Butt Plugs
Silicone Butt Plugs
Unique Butt Plugs
Sassy Vibra Anal Plug Pink ~ BN10500
The Plug ~ DJ1130-00
Vibro Butt Plug Medium Flesh ~ DJ1131-01

Vibro Butt Plug Medium Black ~ DJ1131-03
Rump Shakers Small Vibrating Butt Plug Pink Pearl ~ DJ1139-01
Rump Shakers Small Vibrating Butt Plug Purple Pearl ~ DJ1139-02

Rump Shakers Small Vibrating Butt Plug Pearl Flesh ~ DJ1139-03
Rump Shakers Small Vibrating Butt Plug Pearl Black ~ DJ1139-04
Rump Shakers Medium Vibrating Butt Plug Pink Pearl ~ DJ1140-01

Rump Shakers Medium Vibrating Butt Plug Purple Pearl ~ DJ1140-02
Rump Shakers Medium Vibrating Butt Plug Pearl Flesh ~ DJ1140-03
Rump Shakers Medium Vibrating Butt Plug Black ~ DJ1140-04

Red Up and Down Play Around ~ NW1694-1
Black Up and Down Play Around ~ NW1694-2
Anal Twister Blue ~ NW1922-1

Anal Twister Purple ~ NW1922-2
Party Girl Ribbed Jelly Plug Pink ~ NW2046-1
Party Girl Ribbed Jelly Plug Purple ~ NW2046-2

Velvet Kiss Royale Twist Black ~ NW2178-1
Velvet Kiss Royale Twist Purple ~ NW2178-2
Hot Pinks Butt Plug ~ SE0333-04

Micro Saber G Butt Plug ~ SE0384-12
Vibro Play Pink Butt Plug ~ SE0390-04
Vibro Play Purple Butt Plug ~ SE0390-14

Vibro Play Green Butt Plug ~ SE0390-15
Risque Black 10 Function Butt Plug ~ SE0393-03
Risque Pink 10 Function Butt Plug ~ SE0393-04

Risque Blue 10 Function Butt Plug ~ SE0393-12
Flexi Risque Pink 10 Function Butt Plug ~ SE0393-20
Flexi Risque Black 10 Function Butt Plug ~ SE0393-25

Silicone Flexi Risque Triples Purple Plug ~ SE0393-40
Silicone Flexi Risque Triples Black Plug ~ SE0393-45
Power Probe Blue Butt Plug ~ SE0412-12

Power Probe Purple Butt Plug ~ SE0412-14
Tush Teaser Ivory Vibrating Butt Plug ~ SE0419-01
Tush Teaser Pink Vibrating Butt Plug ~ SE0419-04

Tush Teaser Blue Vibrating Butt Plug ~ SE0419-12
Tush Teaser Purple Vibrating Butt Plug ~ SE0419-14
Tush Trainer Intermediate ~ SE0426-20

Colt Butt Buddy ~ SE6902-10

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