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Do's & Don'ts

1.  To make this process of shaving pubic hair easier, trim the genital area before shaving!   To get a closer cut and avoid unwanted nicks, pull the hair up then trim away. You may want to leave the hair short for a couple of days.  This allows the genitals to become comfortable the transition you are about to make.

2.  By gently exfoliating your skin with either a shower mitt or wash cloth, you`ll get rid of any dry, flaky skin which can clog the razor when you shave.  DON`T EXFOLIATE on the day you`re going to shave.

3.  Soak the pubic area in warm to hot water, or lay a warm cloth over the area for about 10 minutes. This softens coarse pubic hair and makes it easier to shave.

4.  Never dry shave your pubic area!  If you do pain and irritation will most likely follow. Use one of our many products that is specifically formulated for pubic hair removal. 

5.   Use a shaver  specifically designed for this kind of hair removal. There are many different ways to style this area. Think about it before you start.  It is recommended to shave the same way the hair grows. However to get a closer shave you may want to also shave in the opposite direction. Some state this causes red bumps and ingrown hairs, but everyone is different. If you feel comfortable, try it. In addition, don`t constantly stroke the same area during the shave, this may irritate the skin. Two to three short strokes are ideal. Lastly, stretch the skin to reach the difficult hairy spots.

6.  After the shave is completed rinse, dry and moisturize the freshly shaven pubic area. Use one of the moisturizer that is specifically designed for this application. 

7.  Wash shaven genitals on a daily basis. This helps remove unwanted oils and sweat. In addition, you may wish to moisturize daily to avoid irritation. If you keep the hair short, you`ll avoid stubble, which causes itching. Try to wear cotton underwear and to stay away from tight fitting pants. The lack of air circulation and friction of tight clothes may lead to in-grown hairs.  

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Dr Pinks Anal Brightening ~ NO830
Coochy Shave Creme Original ~ CE102208
Max4Men Shave Balls N All ~ CE802902

Inttimo Total Body Shave Cream ~ W40451
Dare To Be Bare Pubic Hair Trimming Set ~ NW1888
JO Natural Personal Feminine Spray ~ JO40220

Cock Cologne ~ ENZELU34672
Crazy Girl Femme Fresh Wipes ~ CE1655-99
Vanilla Pleasure Wipes ~ CKTPV

Cum-Kleen Wipes Mango Scented ~ CKTM
Cum-Kleen Wipes Vanilla Scented ~ CKTV
Sex On the Go Anal Wipe 3 Pack ~ SE2195-20

Sex On the Go Intimate Arousal Wipe 3 Pack ~ SE2195-30
Colt Clean Up Ready Wipes 3 Pack ~ SE6805-20

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