E-Z Clean Up For Anal Sex Toy Products
The key to making your Anal Toys  last a long, long time is cleaning and storage.   Covering your anal toy in a condom makes clean up even faster and easier.  Always use condoms if you are planning to insert the Anal Toy both anally and vaginally.  Not a good idea to share Anal Toys - but if you do  condoms are an absolute MUST
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E-Z Clean Up

E-Z Clean Up For Anal Sex Toy Products
Follow the care instructions that come with the anal toys.  Toy materials make the difference of how they are to be cleaned and stored.   As soon as you receive your new anal sex toy inspect to make sure it is free from any defects.  If it is battery operated, insert fresh batteries to make sure the toy works properly.  Follow cleaning instructions to remove any dust or bacteria when first removed from the packaging. 

The difference between cleaning and sanitizing anal toys will be determined by the material they are made of and if they are waterproof.  Cleaning can be done with warm water, antibacterial soap or Adult Toy Cleaner.   Both soap or toy cleaner need to be left on the surface of the toy for at least two minutes for all the bacteria to be cleaned away. Then rinse thoroughly to get rid of all of the soap residue.  Some toys can be placed in boiling water and even in the dishwasher.

We offer commercial adult toy cleaning solutions that have been specially formulated to kill all bacteria and germs but also preserve the life of your Anal Sex Toys. Also available are Sanitary Wipes that can be used for handy clean up.

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