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Anal Sex Position Aids Do's & Don'ts

Sex positions that are good for vaginal or oral sex are not necessary the same positions you will want to use for anal sex.   The angle of the anal canal is not straight.  It has two curves, the lower part of the rectum tilts forward towards the navel and then makes a curve in the opposite direction towards the backbone. 

1. Missionary with Perfect Pillow.  The Receiving Partner lays down on the Perfect Pillow folded  under the back area with bottom on the higher end.  Now the angle of penetration provides easy anal access. 

2. Receiving Partner On Top with Position Master.  The Giving Partner lays  down  on the Position Master under the back area .   The Receiving Partner is on top.  This gives the Receiving Partner total control of depth and angle of penetration.  It also provides less stress on the knees and more stability with the E-Z Grip Love Handles. 

3. Reverse Receiving Partner On Top with Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool.  This is the same as Receiving Partner On Top with the exception that the Receiving Partner is now facing the opposite way with the back side to the Giving Partner.   Enjoy weightless sex and total control!

4. Doggie Style with the  Do It Doggie Harness.   There is no better way for back-door play than to have the Receiving Partner on all fours. The velvety soft harness cradles  while the durable, adjustable handles provides the grip you desire.  The angle of  this position will be very deep so remember to use lots of lube and go very slow.

5. The Lap Dance with the Bondage Chair.  Strap your partner in while  you get on top.  This allows for all kinds of positions plus some great skin on skin contact.

Anal Lubricants
Fantasy Bondage Sex Swing ~ PD2125-19
Fantasy Bondage Spinning Sex Swing ~ PD2121-23
Yoga Sex Swing ~ PD2127-23

Fetish Fantasy Swing Pink ~ PD2128-11
Fetish Fantasy Swing Purple ~ PD2128-12
Fetish Fantasy Swing Black ~ PD2128-23

Fetish Fantasy Spread Eagle Sling ~ PD2143-00
Pleasure Pillow Case Set ~ PD2147-23
Fetish Fantasy Do It Doggie Harness ~ PD2156-23

Fetish Fantasy Position Master ~ PD2157-12
Fetish Fantasy Multi-Position Beaded Silk Rope ~ PD2171-00
Inflatable Position Master ~ PD2173-00

Ultra Inflatable Position Master ~ PD2174-00
Inflatable Tilt Master ~ PD2175-00
Inflatable Bondage Ball ~ PD2176-00

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat ~ PD2181-00
Fetish Fantasy Door Swing ~ PD2185-01
Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Love Lounger ~ PD2194-00

Fetish Fantasy Perfect Position Pillow ~ PD2196-00
Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool ~ PD2198-00
Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar Cuffs Set ~ PD3716-00

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Red Hot Seat ~ PD3745-15
Fetish Fantasy Glide ~ PD3761-00
Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Mini Sex Ball ~ PD3852-00

Inflatable Pink Hot Seat ~ PD3868-00
Inflatable Lovers Pillow ~ PD3899-00
Inflatable Bondage Bed ~ PD3943-00

Super Strap Super Sheet ~ SE2665-11

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