How To Buy An Anal Lubricant
If you are going to engage in Anal Sex then Anal Lubricant is an absolute must.   While there are many choices of lubricants, Anal Lubricant is going to differ from your regular lubricant because it will have a thicker consistency and will help protect the sensitive anal tissue.  Anal Lubricants are available in water-based, silicone based and oil-based formulas.  Included in the list is also all of the above but with  added ingredients that act as a desensitizer. 
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How To Buy An Anal Lubricant
Water-based anal lubricants  are the most popular choice.  This lubricant formula is great for beginners, will not damage sex toys, condom friendly and is easy to clean up.  The downside of water-based anal lubricants is they tend to dry out quicker.  Be prepared to re-lubricate often.

Silicone anal lubricants offer a texture that is both extra slick and also very thin.  While a little goes a long way, it also creates a more slippery anal canal, thus causing a deeper penetration.  Therefore, it is not the best selection for anal beginners.  Also, while silicone is condom friendly, do not use silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys.  It will create a horrible sticky mess and the toy will be destroyed.

Oil-based anal lubricants area slippery, water-resistant and long lasting.  That said - oil-based anal lubricants can also trap bacteria, stain fabric, damage sex toys and can not be used with latex condoms.  Oil-based anal lubricants are mostly preferred by guy on guy anal play.

Desensitizing anal lubricants are designed to dull the "pain" of anal sex.  Most anal  sexperts caution against this kind of lubricant stating that anal sex, done properly, should not hurt.  The choice comes down to personal preference and a bit of testing different products to find out what is right for you.

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