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Do's & Don'ts


2.  Don`t use any product for anal sex other than an anal lubricant - this includes baby oil, Vaseline, olive oil, hand or body cream or any other beauty product.   Oil based products coat the lining of the rectum and create an environment for many potential infections.  Oil based lubes can also break down latex condoms, dams, gloves, and latex sex toys.

3.  Read the information, ingredients and instructions that come with the anal lube. 

4.  A product that is going to be used inside the body should be tested for sensitivity first.   Do a patch test by applying a small amount of anal lubricant in the crook of your arm or behind you ear.  Wait 24 hours for any allergic reaction.

5.   Apply lubricant to every place where there is going to be contact.  This includes the exterior of the anus,  any toy or plug, a penis or the outside of a condom and finally inside the rectum. 

6.  The right amount of  lube makes all the difference.  Anal shooters work well to distribute the lube inside the anal cavity.  Re-apply lubricant as needed. 

Anal Lubricants
Warming & Flavored
Anal Desensitizes
Lube Shooter Blue ~ KL300BL
Lube Shooter Pink ~ KL300PK
Lube Shooter Purple ~ KL300PRP

Lube Shooter Red ~ KL300R
Lube Shooter Smoke ~ KL300SMK
Anal Eaze Insertz ~ PD9980-00

Anal Moist Insertz ~ PD9981-00
Anal Wipes 3 Pack ~ SE2195-20
Lube Tube ~ SE2380-00

Lubed Up Wipes 3 Pac ~ SE6805-10
Anal Eze Ready Wipes 3 Pac ~ SE6805-30
Extra Large Lubricant Launcher ~ XR-AC221

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