How To Buy And Use Anal Inflatables.
 Anal Inflatables may look funny but they are the one item that everyone should have in their toy chest.  The best thing about an anal inflatable is that it takes the place of many different sizes of anal plugs while giving the user ultimate control.   If you're new to anal sex or an anal sex expert - this is a must have.
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How To Buy Anal Inflatables
Anal Inflatables come in your choice of styles - the anal inflatable plug or the anal inflatable dildo.  The difference between the two is product shape and size.  They all work the same way.  Every inflatable has a handheld bulb, the tubing and the shaft (plug or dildo).  With each pump of the bulb  air is forced inside and will cause the toy to  slowly increase in size.  A quick release valve at the base of the plug allows for easy deflation.

Caution:  Anal Inflatables are made of latex.  Anyone with a latex allergy should NOT use this product.

The thing that makes inflatable sex toys perfect for all users is they start out small and easy to insert but then gradually increase their in size.   This way you are always in control of the size that is most perfect for you.

One important tip is to inflate outside the body first.  Get an idea what the size of each pump will translate into plug/dildo size when inserted.  Take your time and never over inflate one of these toys.   

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