How To Buy Anal Douche and Enema Products
The term Douche is actually French and means shower.  So what you, in effect,  are doing is showering the anal canal with water to cleanse the area for entry, either by yourself or your partner. 
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How To Buy Enema Products
The difference between an Anal Douche and an Anal Enema is how much liquid is used and how long the liquid is held.  An Enema is designed to flush out the entire intestinal track while an Douche is to be used to flush out the rectal or the vaginal passage only.

Douching can provide a way to become more familiar with your anus, rectum and the thousands of nerve ending that respond to stimulation in the anal area.  The experience can actually become very sensual and erotic, while at the same time cleansing the anal canal making way for true anal comfort and fun.

Remember Douching DOES NOT protect  against transmission of STIs or HIV.  Douching also WILL NOT remove all the bacteria in the anal canal and DOES NOT take the place of using a condom.

Douch and/or Enema products come in three styles - Disposable, Bulb and Shower Systems.  Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the water you use.   Nerve endings in the anal region don't accurately sense temperature.  Check the water temperature on the inside of your your wrist before insertion.  The water should be  comfortable - not too hot and not too cold.

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