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Do's & Don'ts

1.  Before using an anal douche/enema it is a good idea to have a complete bowel movement.

2. For optimum cleanliness use your  anal douche approximately  45 minutes before anal play.

3. Make sure to wash off your douche/enema appliance to ensure it is clean before you use it.

4. Do NOT use anything  but clean, warm water as a douche.  Check the temperature of the water on your forearm first.

5. There are two ways to fill the bulb with warm water.  Remove the tip and pour water into the bulb.  The other way is to place the bulb under the water and squeeze to allow the water to fill in.

6. Lubricate the tip of the douche prior to insertion.  When inserted squeeze the bulb allowing the warm water to fill into the rectum.  Remove the nozzle and expel the water into the toilet.  You can repeat the process until the water is clear.

7.  If you encounter pain at any time, stop immediately.  Douching can remove the natural lubrication of the rectal lining  so it is important to use anal lubricant before attempting any anal play.

Clean Stream Products
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Anal Lubricants
Titanmen Anal Douche ~ DJ3525-01
Booty Douche Black ~ NW2217-1
Booty Douche Purple ~ NW2217-2

Adam and Eve Ez Anal Douche ~ ENAEDQ74032
Bathmate Hydrodouche Shower Douche System ~ BRAHDS
Unisex Douche ~ PD2733-00

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Enema ~ PD3920-23
Fetish Fantasy Curved Douche Enema ~ PD3921-23
Fetish Fantasy Elite Douche Purple ~ PD4558-12

Fetish Fantasy Elite Douche Black ~ PD4558-23
Anal Fantasy Ez Clean Enema Kit ~ PD4664-23
Perfect Fit Ergo Speed Douche ~ PERER02

Ergo Deep H20 System ~ PERER03
Universal Water Works System ~ SE0371-00
Universal Douche System For Him ~ SE0371-50

Ultra Douche ~ SE0372-00
Vulcanite Anal Douche ~ SE0373-00
Ultimate Douche ~ SE0374-00

Universal Tube Cleanser ~ SE0374-20
Deluxe Douche ~ SE0375-03
Cleaner Missle ~ SE0377-10

Cleaner Torpedo ~ SE0377-20
Anal Douche ~ SE0379-11
Booty Call Booty Blaster Black ~ SE0380-10

Booty Call Booty Blaster Pink ~ SE0380-15
Booty Call Booty Blaster Purple ~ SE0380-20
Colt Big Man Cleanser ~ SE6873-00

COLT Travel Shower Shot ~ SE6873-10
Colt the Guyser Anal Douche ~ SE6874-00
COLT Bum Buddy Black ~ SE6874-10

COLT Bum Buddy Red ~ SE6874-20
Colt Anal Douche ~ SE6875-00
Colt Shower Shot Water Dong ~ SE6876-00

COLT Advanced Shower Shot ~ SE6876-10
Metal Enema Syringe ~ XR-NS700

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