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Using an anal desensitizing lubricant makes anal sex more pleasurable. We offer a large selection of Anal Desensitizing Products at Discount Prices.    
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Anal Desensitizing Lubricants
Do's & Don'ts

1. Anal Desensitizers are different from Anal Sex Lubricants - they contain ingredients to help “numb” the anal opening and make insertion during anal sex more pleasurable.

2. Read the information, ingredients and instructions that come with the desensitizing lube.

3. Because most Anal Desensitizers use a topical local anesthetic do a patch test by applying a small amount of anal desensitizer in the crook of your arm or behind your ear.  Wait 24 hours for any allergic reaction.

4. Only us Anal Desensitizers in the anal region.  Never use on any other body orifices.  Avoid contact with eyes.

5. Start by applying a drop or short burst of spray of Anal Desensitizer about the size of a penny on your partner`s rectum. Rub it in and let it absorb for 2-3 minutes before attempting insertion.  

6.   For more comfortable Anal Sex use an Anal Desensitizer paired with an Anal Lubricant.

Anal Lubricants
Warming & Flavored
Anal Shooters & Wipes
Anal Glide Extra Desensitizer 2oz Pump ~ BA047
Ez Access 1oz Spray Bottle ~ BA048
Boy Butter H20 Extreme Pump ~ BBWBX05

Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Pump ~ BBX05
Crazy Girl Anal Ease Gel ~ CE750100
Docs Anal Lube Natural ~ DJ1315-01

Docs Anal Lube Cinnamon ~ DJ1315-02
Docs Anal Lube Natural Airless Pump ~ DJ1315-05
Docs Anal Lube Cinnamon Airless Pump ~ DJ1315-06

Golden Girl Anal Jelly ~ DJ1343-00
Rear Entry 1.7 Oz Desensitizing Anal Lube ~ DJ2180-02
Rear Entry 3.47 Oz Desensitizing Anal Lube ~ DJ2180-03

Adventure Relaxing Anal Spray ~ INT005
Adventure Daring Anal Spray ~ INT006
Eros Anal Ease Spray 50ml ~ MGMUS00046

China Anal Balm Cream ~ NW0104
Anal Blu Desensitizing Lubricant Small ~ NW0313-1
Anal Blu Desensitizing Lubricant Large ~ NW0313-2

Anal Eaze Small ~ PD9803-62
Anal Eaze Medium ~ PD9804-62
Anal Eaze Large ~ PD9804-01

Comfortably Numb Chocolate Mint ~ PD9804-63
Comfortably Numb Cinnamon ~ PD9804-72
Comfortably Numb Spearmint ~ PD9804-88

Tushy Tamer ~ PD9830-00
Anal Eze ~ SE2200-00
Tush-Eze Gel ~ SE2200-25

Back It Up Anal Gel ~ SE2250-20
Anal Lube Shooter ~ KL300AST

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