How To Buy and Use Anal Beads.
Anal Beads are designed to create a unique sensation as the sphincter muscles open and close around the beads.  Anal Beads can be enjoyed by both men and women.  Some people like to insert the beads as part of a heightening of genital stimulation and then pull them out just before orgasm,  while others wait to pull them out until after climax to enhance the experience.   If you're a newbie to anal sex, Anal Beads are a fun toy you should try.
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How To Buy and Use Anal Beads
Anal Beads consist of rounded beads attached with a cord.  Beads can be the same size or they can be graduated from smaller at one end to larger at the other.  Typically there is also a handle or ring at one end of the string used for pulling out the anal beads. 

Anal Beads come in different sizes,  materials, lengths and prices.   Anal beads can range from the very inexpensive plastic beads attached by a string or the higher quality beads that are made out of just one material. 

This is the sex toy where spending a little extra money is recommended.  The least expensive string anal beads have two draw backs.  The first is that they are usually made out of plastic and can have rough edges at the seams.  The second is difficulty in cleaning.   Only consider the plastic anal beads if you inspect them carefully, filing down any edges and using a condom to make cleaning easier.

The second type of anal beads are made from one continuous piece of material - silicone, jelly, PVC, etc.  They are easier to clean and safer to use.   Remember NEVER - NEVER share Anal beads.  Everyone needs their own set!

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