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Enhance the anal sex experience with Anal Play Toys!  Anal toys can be a great way to learn how to have anal sex, either through anal masturbation or intercourse with a partner. We have lots of products to provide sensual stimulation  -  anal beads, anal butt plugs, anal dildos, anal vibrators, and other anal sex toys.  Whether you're an anal beginner or anal connoisseur we have the right anal sex toys for you!
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Anal Sex Toys - Anal Dildos - Anal Porbes - Anal Plugs - Anal Beads
Be honest, most people consider anal sex to be just a little bit naughty.  And for most, that is enough to make anal sex exciting and erotic in itself.   The anus and the surrounding area have a high concentration of nerve endings thus making stimulation very pleasurable.

The number one myth surrounding anal sex is that it hurts.  The answer is yes and no.  Anal sex can hurt, just as vaginal sex can hurt.  To have pain free anal sex you need lots of lubrication and patience.   It is vital that both parties communicate and go slow.   Trust and safety become a vital part of the experience.

The second myth is that anal sex is only for gay men.   Anal sex can be enjoyed in various forms by both men and women of all sexual orientations.  Most people find that anal sex is a tremendous tool to enhance their regular sex activities and can be used in conjunction with a variety of other sexual pleasures and positions.  People with varying degrees of disabilities, men with erectile dysfunction and women with vaginal discomfort during sex can increase their sexual satisfaction with anal stimulation. 

Sex Toys can add unique stimulation to your anal pleasures.   Our mission is to provide both comprehensive information regarding anal sex practices and a selection of safe, high quality anal sex toys to expand and heighten your sexual experiences.

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